Then There Was Light

In the beginning was darkness
Everything was dark and contained in darkness
All that was light was a sliver
Today all things are in chaos
A mishmash of both light and dark
However, very soon everything will be light
When we know who we are because of the darkness
We know the darkness
Therefore, everything becomes light
That is when darkness will be no more


Photo by Rhett Wesley on Unsplash


Pointing the Way

The Inuksuk

We saw a lot of these funny little statues along many of the paths we took throughout our trip. There was a very large one that could be seen in a field just off one of the highways not too far off from where we stayed. I was impressed that someone was able to make one so big that it could be seen from the road. The rocks would have had to come from somewhere else since they were in the middle of a field. We also ran into another smaller one during one of our hikes. I was curious to learn what on earth these things represented…

The Inuksuk comes from Inuit culture traditionally meant to give direction. They were constructed to handle the worst weather conditions in the north of Canada, ultimately helping people survive by pointing out direction to safety. With an aim to reach people from all over the world that may have lost their way they elude a spirit of hope and friendship.

Loving the idea of the Inuksuk I decided it would only be appropriate to build one at the cabin I stayed at. I can only hope it will inspire a greeting of peace and love to the next travelers who go there.

How to build an Inuksuk

They are not held together with glue or cement, but stay constructed since each rock is carefully balanced on top of one another.

  1. Go out into the woods and pick out a number of large, flatter style rocks (this part is a lot of fun since you can spend a lot of time venturing in the woods to try to find just the perfect ones)
  2. Once you have your rocks, pick out the larger flatter ones to be the base that you believe will be strong enough to hold the rest of the structure in place.
  3. Start to balance each rock one on top of each other. The mid-section can have a larger rock that points and sits on top of the two foundational pillars you built.
  4. Lastly, complete the upper part by adding a couple of smaller rocks

Moral of the Story

Have a good foundation. Having a good foundation is believing you will not crumble to the ground when life gives it’s challenges. If you have a strong foundation nothing will stop you. You will hold strong through the worst weather conditions and will not come all apart with the next gust of wind. Next, you are a balancing act. You are fragile, but you fit perfectly in your environment and every piece of you is balanced and aware of your surroundings. Now that you are complete and rock solid, with perfect balance and a good foundation, you are able to lead the way for whoever else may need some direction to come their way.

The Journey

Enjoying the journey in everything I do.

These past few days were exceptional as I completely lost myself in the tranquility of this adorable little Airbnb way off grid in the woods complete with wood stove, LED battery lighting, and no running water. The toilet just over yonder, no walls, just a view overlooking the middle of no where.

It was pouring rain since arriving. My best friend and I laughed our guts out all the way through the long grass and then through a barely roughed in trail that finally took us to the cabin. For a bit there we had no idea if we were going to get lost in the woods. We were looking for a blue arrow, but could not find it for the life of us. Eventually we found the cabin without the guidance of the arrow, both soaked right through to our skin and dumping water out of our rubber boots. After changing into some dry clothes, and warming up to a cozy wood stove fire we enjoyed our view as we nibbled on bits of cheese and crackers and sipped on homemade red wine that we brought with us. The rain lightened up and we could see the sun peaking through the trees from our dining room area.

This is was our stay for the next two nights, all lit up as the sun started to go down. Good company certainly made this trip even more special. Thank you God for Your abundant blessings, awesome friendships and good times xo

The Messenger

A prayerful beginning

Enters her mind

A song of serenity

Of sweetness sublime

Kept close in her heart

Revealing a whisper

Virtual medium leans in to kiss her

As the dusk turns to clearer day

By that portion of Divinity

She delights in new found wisdom

As she savours the colour of light

Tickled by the touch of Greatness

She giggles

As she enjoys her place

And revels at God’s wonder

Sent to her from heaven

Via tender love and care

To My Body

To exist with God means to have power over the body. Our physical world. God gave us a physical body and a physical world so He can enjoy that world through us. Since God is all good He cannot be tempted. God cannot be good complete in a world that is created with both good and evil. He needs us to experience good and evil for Him. For God to be infinite, God created us because with us He is everything.

My flesh, my body, to which I dwell

Which brews upon me an evil spell

Initiates a ploy in scheming fashion

Exposes a cramp of opposing passion

To what do I owe this enigma of displeasure?

At what cost shall I dare give it measure?

Commence forth battle that unites within

A plea to the divine to overcome sin

To Him I confirm the depths of my heart

In my flesh, in my body, till death do me part

Israel In My Heart

Oh, Israel,
My one true love,
Your beauty set me free.
I will never leave you,
Forever you are with me.

Oh, Israel,
Perfect Israel,
Whose children know your love.
Are grateful for your way,
Handed down from up above.

Oh, Israel,
place of peace,
I heard you call my name.
Found you deep inside myself,
You’ve touched me just the same.

Oh, Israel,
Revealed Israel,
your love does not compare.
I’m in debt to your mystery,
Of just how much you care.

Oh, Israel,
My rock, my home,
Our love will never part.
You keep me safe from harm always,
There forever in my heart.

Taken from archive post October 23, 2013 Israel In My Heart

Happy Jerusalem Day!

It is my prayer, that someone is reading these posts and they see, God is really real. He is Real.

Shema by Anna Brooks

I Do

The great thing about believing in God is that God showed me how to believe in me.  Everything I learn from God is good. God teaches me how to live a healthy lifestyle and how to have healthy relationships around me. He teaches me how to live. There is a standard there that protects me and is suppose to protect the world if the world wants to understand God. God puts me in a place so that I can be a better person if I want to be. I have strength since there is no fear when I know that I am not alone. My Creator created me. I am important, and I have purpose.  I realize that I need God.

God doesn’t want to be taken for granted. It is easy to take what He teaches and say that I am who I am not because of God, but because I have a good upbringing or something like that.  It don’t believe it is good to say you are a good person and not understand why. We need to recognize God and be thankful. We have to remember who made us and who created us to know how we are suppose to be. God gives life meaning. Having faith in God reveals truth and what is truth to yourself. There is a whole world out there that means something, and affects us all since we are all interconnected.

No matter where I might be in life, it doesn’t matter. I just know God wants me to have my eyes fixed on Him and to continue to seek Him out in my life.  He truly loves me.

I hear Him say, “I am yours and you are mine.”

Taken from archive post February 22, 2014 My Faith Will Stand